In the light of current psychological knowledge, the first years of the child's life are of particular importance for all its development, so it is very important that this time is best used. It is therefore worthwhile to devote it primarily to the creation of such conditions that the child can make the most of its development potential. Therefore, if it is endangered by a disability or has already been found in it, it seems necessary to take action to help him overcome the difficulties in learning the world, participating in social life and achieving self-reallocation.

Thanks to these efforts, it is largely manageable to prevent the negative effects of disability. Even if we are unable to eliminate it completely, you can make your child work as best as possible despite your existing restrictions. Disability is a serious multi-dimensional social problem that affects the functioning of individuals affected both in the individual, family and general public aspects. Taking effective actions to support children with disabilities enhances the quality of their lives and reduce dependency on them at the stage of adulthood from other people and institutions. Expenditure on early support for child development can help to reduce future health spending, psychological and pedagogical assistance, care and social benefits by eliminating the problem of disability, Resourcefulness, deficits in education and social misfits of adults with disabilities

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