The beginning of the New Year is usually the time of the summaries of the past year. This is a moment for reflection, evaluation and, above all, for decisions.

So we have decided to sum up the year 2018 and we will add that we have something to boast about. And we've got a few New Year's resolutions in mind.

Education is one of our priorities, therefore both the students of the Fairy Tale, kindergarten wards and the Prologue realize the program basis according to the Regulation of the Minister of Sport and Education. However, as a therapeutic facility, we place great emphasis on therapy.

Thus, in 2018, 6339 hours of therapeutic classes were held in the kindergarten, which gives an impressive 288 hours per child.

In classes I - III, 1766 hours of therapeutic classes per year - 177 hours per child.

In classes IV-VIII, 5054 hours of therapeutic classes per year - 266 hours per child.

In middle school, 1400 hours of therapeutic classes, which gives 175 hours per child.

These numbers are impressive, right?

We are very active, which we express by participating in numerous excursions
and sports events.

The year 2018 was in:

-23 trips in primary and middle school,

-50 going out for competitions and sports events,

- 35 trips organized in the kindergarten.

We managed to implement 6 projects, including one international one. It took place here
6 study visits, two of them international. We participated in 4 study visits, including two in Lithuania, one in the United States and one in Poland.

We conducted 58 hours of training for about 600 students from other schools.

For 88 hours we trained teachers, teaching councils and students.

We've made it:

- 75 hours of individual consultations,

- 10 hours of training for parents

- 64 hours of support in a school parent support group.

All year round, our staff has been doubling and tripling to ensure a high level of education and therapy. We took various measures to support our charges. In order to continue to broaden our knowledge and increase our competences, we have completed a total of 7116 hours of studies, trainings, courses and webinars.

We would also like to emphasize that we renovated 150 m2 of the building at 4 Paca Street. Another 400 m2 is our New Year's resolution.

However, the priority for 2019 is to continuously support and stimulate the proper development of our students. So we'll definitely continue to learn and learn.