Adolescencja (life expectancy between childhood and adulthood, characterized by a transformation in the structure and appearance of the body, psychic – shaping the personality, attitudes toward one's own and the other gender, exercising the social role) comes in the least Expected time and often "attacks" the unknown. Child ceases to feel a child, but is it also to be? This fine border for many young people becomes a non-penetrating wall. They collide with the reality of change, expectations, own, unknown emotions. And if they do not meet with understanding from their parents, whether the wall teachers can effectively depart from society.

Author: Marzena Mackiewicz

Almost every day I try such walls crumble by colliding them with the everyday life of my "kids". Yes, my, though their parent I am not. Another approach I can't imagine, because if I don't understand their problems, how do I help them solve them? Every day I am a teacher of Polish language, which is not a favorite subject of spectrum students at all. Why? Mainly by crunched analysis of abstract texts, discussing the sublime poems, drillthrough This, "what the author had in mind." Most issues can not be experienced, see, touch. Therefore, with the familiar methods of teaching, I choose those that allow a minimal visualization of the content, I use the Internet resources and available applications, which its attractiveness mobilized students to work. Every new issue I practice repeatedly, in many different ways to see that every problem has many solutions. But education alone is not all. The implemented Software Foundation will not make their world beautiful, more colourful, simpler. Often with the assumption of teenagers negate every novelty of what they meet. I allow them to have that right. My disciples know that they don't have to like it, but they have to respect each other. This principle also applies to me, so we often interrupt the lesson to discuss the issues that matter to them. Both the newly formed Pokemon and the quarrel with the parents meets with the same interest. I realise that without understanding there will be no consensus.

My students are at different levels of communication. One conversation and expressing your own thoughts comes easy. Others need more time, and still others say singing or drawing. Each of them can count on my support and my time. But they also know that I am not just listening, I also, just like them, I have my opinion. Often different. I don't impose it though. I often do not comment, do not advise, wait until they can find the answer to bothering their question. Often toczyliśmy buoys about their rations, przeciągaliśmy the line of arguments to make the sentence.

In my relationship with teenagers I try to create a relaxed atmosphere. Laughter is good for everything, and even when the teacher can laugh at himself, when he shows that as his disciples make mistakes, it is not infallible, the wall begins to Kruszeć. I realise that not everything I understand is that not all of them know and I will not always be able to help. However, I believe everyone to the right to their secrets, to taking nonsense and learning on them. I don't have a shade over my students usprawiedliwiając it for, or autism. It is no excuse for me, nor impairment. Why? Because every day I see how these kids stand and how much they do to forge though a small window in the wall of the everyday life.

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