Conference program " Au! I have Autism?!"
April 27, 2019. Science and Technology Park Poland-East in Suwałki.


Registration of conference participants


Official opening: welcoming the guests and artistic performance of NTSP students "Bajka".


"If it's about love." - reflect on feelings based on an interview with young people in the autism spectrum.

Katarzyna Łatacz - oligophrenopedagogue, specialist in pedagogical therapy and early developmental support for children with autism in the Psychological-Pedagogical Clinic in Giżycko, deep cell music therapist, neurotherapist BFB.


Passion as a method of life and survival.


Marek Stankiewicz - biologist, photographer, author of the blog "Photography and Asperger", educator with Asperger's syndrome in NTSP "Bajka" and NTG "Prologue" in Suwałki.


American scientists report... - that's how not to get crazy.

Jacek Dobiała - neurologist, doctor at the Neurological Department in Leszno, cooperates with the Multi-Specialist Neuropsychiatric-Rehabilitation Team dealing with the diagnosis and therapy of people in the autism spectrum.


Coffee break.


Finding the way to own sexuality in the autism spectrum of young people and young adults.

Ewa Dobiała - psychiatrist, certified psychotherapist and supervisor-applicant of SN PTP, specialist in environmental therapy, trainer of Transcultural Positive Psychotherapy.


Sexuality of children and adolescents in the autism spectrum - normative and risky behaviours. How to identify, respond to and support psychosexual development?

Bernadeta Jabłońska - psychosexual, solves problems related to the sexuality of children and youth with autism and Asperger's syndrome and conducts family therapy in a counselling and educational centre and family support in Olsztyn.


Dinner break.


Person with ASD in partnership.

Kosma Moczek - IT specialist, defender of the right of people with ASD to self-determination and speak on their own behalf.


Where to look for identity in the autism spectrum?

Joanna Ławicka - special educator, doctor of social sciences, chairman of the board of the "Prodeste" Foundation, author of the popular book "I am not an alien. I have Asperger's syndrome."


End and farewell of the guests.