Our action lasts a year, so time for a small summary. Full of fears but and hope, in July 2017 we started to create our first fundring action – 1000 × 100 action. In hindsight, we know that the beginning was difficult even very difficult, but the effect has outgrown our most laupier expectations. After a year we can safely conclude that it was shot in 10. Of course, all thanks to our wonderful and beloved donors, who did not remain inindividual to our requests. In total we managed to gather about. 120 thousand zlotys, we have supported both individuals (from all over Poland and even abroad), as well as companies and institutions.

The accumulated amount allowed to renovate 150 meters, in which from September the study will begin the students of the last class of the non-public therapeutic school Prolog. We sincerely THANK all DONORS. YOU ARE UNIQUE AND GREAT.

The 1000 × 100 action is still in progress. We have another challenge – OK. 400 meters to renovate our new multi-discipline school. Thanks to you you will surely succeed.